About Us

About Us

Developing and renovating a property is often considered a challenging task for individuals, families, and seasoned professionals alike. From construction and renovation, to architectural and interior design elements, each unique project requires the knowledge, experience, and guidance of skilled hands to see it through to completion.

We founded Buana Home in 2015 in order to provide a one-stop, all encompassing property service solution for Indonesia’s important real estate sector.

Birthed out of the renowned Astakaland property development group, Buana Home brings a superior level of experience and expertise to every project that we have the privilege of undertaking.

Whether you are looking to invest in property, develop your dream home, or renovate a location to meet your important business needs, Buana Home exists to help you turn your dreams into a beautiful reality.

Our business is located on the Indonesian island of Batam. Conveniently connected to both neighboring Singapore and Malaysia by multiple international ferry terminals, Batam island represents an important strategic area for bothproperty development and investment. Known as an island of opportunity for individuals and young families throughout the archipelago, Batam’s population and industry continues to grow.

At Buana Home, we are passionate about delivering exceptional properties that improve the quality of life for residents on the island of Batam and throughout the whole of Indonesia. We are confident that no matter your tribe, race, religion, ethnicity, or background – our skilled team can meet your unique needs and help realize your important dreams.

Vision And

Our Vision

We deliver exceptional results that improve the quality of life of our valued clientele

Our Mission

  • We enable our clients to realize their dream homes and properties
  • We are dedicated to practicing sound ethics, improving business operations, pursuing innovation, exemplifying a client-first mentality, and maintaining a drive for growth within our company
  • We are committed to expanding our company and services both nationally and internationally

Choose Us

  • We are true to our words
  • Committed to innovation, improvement, and growth
  • Client-first mentality
  • We are passionate about realizing the dream home or property of each client
  • A strong focus on workplace efficiency
  • We meet and exceed client expectations
  • Convenient all-in-one property service provider
  • Experienced and skilled team of architects, designers, and builders
  • Customized designs and builds tailored to diverse needs of clientele
  • Based on the strategically located island of Batam, Indonesia