About Us

We founded Buana Home in 2015 in order to provide a one-stop, all encompassing property service solution for Indonesia’s important real estate sector.

Birthed out of the renowned Astakaland property development group, Buana Home brings a superior level of experience and expertise to every project that we have the privilege of undertaking.

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In-line with our passion for helping our clients realize their dream homes and properties, we are dedicated to infusing our experience, ideas, and industry-leading innovations into every Buana Home project.

Our diverse selection of efficient and comprehensive property services have been specially designed to conveniently meet your any and every need. Our integrated and professional line of Buana Home property services includes:




    We operate with integrity. We honor all of our commitments to those we serve. We are true to our word. At Buana Home, we understand that values matter and we seek to do business in a way that earns client trust and delivers results that exceed expectations.
    We are not satisfied with the status quo. We are always learning, always seeking to grow and improve the way we work. Buana Home is dedicated to always growing bigger and better in our pursuit to serve you.
    We are curious. We are adventurous. We are creative. Our Buana Home team is dedicated to identifying cutting-edge industry trends, new and better ways to deliver our services, and creative solutions to common challenges faced by our valued clientele.
    We listen. We observe. We seek to better understand. At Buana Home, our clients are important to us and we are passionate about helping them to realize their dreams.
    We are not content with just ‘good enough.’ We are driven to deliver the absolute best results possible. Our professional Buana Home team is determined to exceed expectations and industry standards in every aspect of our important work.